About Us

FANTIBOZZETTIMENEGON was founded in 2019 through the collaboration between interior designers Fabio Fanti Bozzetti and Martina Menegon, focused on the constant research for new architectural interpretations of public and private living spaces, as well as the design of furniture accessories.



The design atmospheres of FANTIBOZZETTIMENEGON aim to elegantly reconcile the multiple values of living. Each project possesses its own distinctive voice in a constant, unique, and tailored balance, which is adapted to different needs without losing essence and authenticity.



“In every project, balance is fundamental. The organic and the technical, simplicity and richness, shape and function.”

The knowledge acquired over the years, constant research and attention to details are tools for serving clients to shape their dreams into tangible matter, making the creative process unique.

Refined and contemporary interiors, places to live in and share, ranging from the interior design of elegant Italian homes to the most modern single-family homes abroad, redefine a free modernity that integrates the past but is in constant harmony with the present.



In 2020, the studio deepened and developed its line of furniture accessories, drawing on the experience associated with the diverse needs and cultures of clients. The accessories collection is modern but with a retro taste, capable of communicating the design thinking at first glance. Severe but soft shapes, precious but composed materials, elements ranging from living room

to bedroom, passing through small accessories, up to complements designed for high-end restaurants.



The new Milanese showroom, opened in 2021 in Via dei Giardini, was designed as a space shared with the client who can immerse themselves in the creative essence underlying each project.

An intimate and bright environment rich in refined details that represents a showcase for the entire collection of furniture accessories, the result of entirely artisanal workmanship, created by the most experienced Italian craftsmen and produced by For Living, one of the most vibrant Italian realities in the field of interior design contracting.




Villa | F



Ghana, 2019

Apt | F

Apt | AR



Milan, 2021